The Project


Moving in an ecological, economic and sustainable way, but always with style.
A Velocicletta makes it possible.


It's handmade, customized, ecological.

Official engine & batteries supplier:

Alcedo Italia



What is a Velocicletta?

A solid, stylish and timeless vehicle, as only a vintage bicycle can be. A technological "heart", made by a refined EPAC system, making the help of the electric motor extremely natural and delicate. These are the Velocicletta key features, to move around today's traffic in an ecological, economical and sustainable way, with the ageless style of the past..


How it is made?

We keep for ourselves some secrets, but basically the Velocicletta is a "pedelec",  it's a vehicle able to assist you while pedaling, combining the muscular movement with the electric engine thrust. The Velocicletta complies with the European Directive 2002/24/EC (Article 1, paragraph h), so it is to all intents and purposes considered by law a bicycle and does not require registration or license. The e-bike systems, batteries and motors are extremely robust, ready to endure long cycles of use. The batteries are designed to endure 1,000 recharge cycles and the road autonomy, under standard conditions, is up to 50 km.

Get it

How do I get it?

Contact us, and we will design together with you your Velocicletta, unique and personal because it will be "tailored" for you. Don't you have a vintage bicycle? No problem, we have one for you, and we will find the one that suits your needs. 

Do you have an old bike left in the family garage for decades and you are deeply fond of it? Let’s bring it back to its original splendor! Call us because that bicycle could be your new Velocicletta.

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